What's covered in the Unit II Advanced Real Estate Principles/Post Licensing course?

PL-1: Agency and Property Disclosure: Your Guide to Success

As one of the four key topic areas for post-licensing education, Agency and Property Disclosure will help you

understand key points in the complicated area of agency. A firm grasp of legal and ethical requirements related to

agency relationships in real estate is mandatory to protect both the agent and the consumer. Appropriate disclosure

procedures will be discussed. Course # PL1-060

PL-2: Real Estate Contracts: A Master's Approach

Contracts are essential to the role of real estate agents in assisting and protecting the public in buying, selling and

leasing real property. A thorough understanding of contracts and contract law is vital to agents being able to carry

out their fiduciary duties under the law of agency to comply with state laws. Course #PL2-060.

PL-3: Ethics and Real Estate For the New Agent

This course will help you understand the importance of ethical behavior in all real estate dealings. Interesting and

challenging ethical case studies will be covered, along with strategies to identify situations involving ethics, assess

situations, explain the possible choices involved and understand the reasoning behind the choices. Course #PL3-


PL-4: Making It Count! Measurements and Valuation

Learn the basic calculations used in measuring real property. You will learn to accurately measure a house and be

able to perform a market analysis of individual properties. Course #PL4-060.

PL-5: Property Management

Learn about leases, landlord-tenant relationships, residential and commercial properties and fair housing laws.

Course #PL5-060.

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Unit II Ala Carte Video Streaming Version
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Live Video Streaming Version Once you register for this course, your materials will be mailed to you and you'll receive an email link to join the virtual classroom. You must be online at the same time as the instructor in order to receive credit for the course. This 30 hour course is a requirement needed to receive your real estate salesman license. It must be completed before you can receive your license. Take it immediately following the Unit I course so you can become a professional as soon...