To upgrade to the Certified Residential Level you must complete the next three courses QE-8: Statistics Modeling & Finance, QE-9: Advanced Residential Applications & Case Studies, and QE-E: Mastering Unique and Complex Property Appraisals and you will be ready to upgrade to the Certified Residential level! Just be sure you have enough experience and education before applying to the state for the exam. 

In addition to the 200 hours of classroom instruction, you will need an Associate's Degree or at least 21 hours of the following college coursework: English Composition, Principles of Economics (Micro or Macro), Finance, Algebra/Geometry/or Higher Mathematics, Statistics, Introduction to Computers, Word Processing/Spreadsheets and Business or Real Estate Law.

Certified Residential Appraisers can perform appraisals of one to four residential units without regard to transaction value or complexity and nonresidential appraisals with a transaction value less than two hundred fifty thousand dollars.