We are excited to offer the 20 hour SAFE Act Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing Course online! 

You can access the course here.

The licensing course is available by itself for $329, or in a package with the National Exam Prep for $355. 

Rules for the online course:

You may choose from a 7 or 14 day course plan. Enrolled students must actively participate in the course throughout the entire session. You are required to start on time. This also means that you will not be able to finish before the scheduled end date of the course. Course completions will be submitted to the NMLS within seven days after the course end date. Students who do not log in to their course on the first day of the session will be required to move to another session.

Starting June 6, 2022, NMLS requirements for webinars change to require all students to have a working webcam and to have it on during the course.