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Sweetheart Special for Continuing Ed

Sweetheart Special for Continuing Ed

Price: $75.00

Join us for 10 hours of continuing education or choose one of the four hour courses for only $35. Register online or call 803-791-3800 for more information. Includes the current core course and two...

Join us for 10 hours of continuing education or choose one of the four hour courses for only $35. Register online or call 803-791-3800 for more information. Includes the current core course and two electives. 

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How many hours of continuing education do I need and how often must I complete it?

All South Carolina real estate licensees must complete 10 hours of continuing education once every two years, prior to midnight on June 30th. Of the ten hours, at least four hours must be the mandatory core course, and the remaining may by any LLR - Real Estate Commission approved elective you choose. All of our continuing education courses are approved by the Real Estate Commission and count for your required 10 hours of continuing education.

Those licensees who hold a Broker In Charge license will need four core hours, four BIC-specific hours and two elective hours. All other real estate licensees will need four core and six elective hours.

We have online courses for CE if you need to renew! Available 24/7, get your 10 hours at your convenience. Click here.

NEW - licensees who renew for 2022 must go through the fingerprinting and background check process! 2023 renewals WILL NOT face this requirement!

It is very important that all licensees who renew in 2022 follow the fingerprinting instructions carefully to insure that their background checks are properly performed, received and documented. In 2021 and 2022, active status Salespersons, Brokers, Brokers-in-Charge, Property Managers and Property Managers-in-Charge were required to be fingerprinted and have SLED and FBI background checks conducted every third renewal. Renewals for 2023 will NOT face this requirement.

Inactive status Salesperson, Broker and Property Manager licensees, who are renewing as inactive in 2022, can renew without fingerprinting but will need to have their fingerprint-based background checks cleared prior to reactivation.

Active renewing licensees, who have failed to have their background checks cleared by the end of the 2022 renewal cycle, will be placed on inactive status and be unable to reactivate until cleared. Late renewals end December 31st, 2022.

Residents of South Carolina should register at their nearest IdentoGO location for digital fingerprinting at their earliest convenience in accordance with the instructions listed below.


Look for SC Real Estate Commission, ORI Number SC920127Z when registering. IdentoGO offers multiple enrollment centers throughout the state with those in metropolitan areas providing daily appointment availability, as well as offering host sessions in other locales once monthly or more. Enrollment centers with daily appointments are located in Greenville, Columbia, North Augusta, Rock Hill, Florence, Myrtle Beach and Mt. Pleasant. For all other areas, sessions are offered at least once per month and may be located, along with upcoming dates and availability, on the appointment scheduling website listed in the instructions linked below. If you are not located in a metro area with a center with daily operations, it is suggested that you review locations nearest to you in advance in order to plan accordingly to register for your appointment.

• All applicants must pre-register, either online or by contacting customer service, prior to being fingerprinted. Customers arriving at a center without a prior registration or appointment cannot be accommodated. Customers must also ensure they are in possession of required identification documents, as well as payment, if not prepaid at time of registration, in order to be processed. Cash is not accepted for payment. Please refer to your appointment confirmation for identification requirements and accepted forms of payment.

The Commission asks that you do not call or email staff to check on the status of your background check during the peak months of renewal May through June. IdentoGO cannot provide information as to the nature of your background check results or status of your licensure. If your fingerprints are rejected by SLED or the FBI, you will be notified by letter from IdentoGO and provided a number on the rejection letter, along with instructions on scheduling a reprint. After a second rejection letter, you may email the Commission providing the rejection numbers, and our staff will request a name-based search with SLED and the FBI. Please do not contact or obtain reports directly from SLED or the FBI, nor contact SLED directly concerning the status of your results.

Not sure when you need to renew? Check your license status online here.


Real Estate Continuing Education may be either in the virtual classroom, in-person classroom or via traditional online learning! If you would like to take an regular online class, please check out our learning portal at, with links to a number of new real estate continuing education titles!