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    This six hour course will help real estate professionals use the zipLogix software suite effectively and efficiently. Participants will learn the fundamentals of and how to fully utilize zipForm, zipLogix Digital Ink and zipForm Mobile.

    Learning objectives:

    • setup user profile
    • understand agent dashboard
    • manage transactions
    • import contacts
    • create templates
    • manage digital signing packet
    • setup mobile service
    • have fun


    1. zipForm Fundamentals
      1. establish profile settings
      2. understanding notifications
      3. learn the zipForm Plus agent dashboard
      4. create a new transaction
      5. learn how to use zipFormMLS-Connect
    2. zipLogix Digital Ink
      1. learn the difference between zipLogix Digital Ink and Docusign
      2. identify e-signature security features
      • how to create a digital signing packet
      1. create/adopt your digital signature
      2. modify your digital signing submission
    3. zipForm Mobile
      1. create a new transaction
      2. learn how to use TouchSign
      3. learn the difference between TouchSign, zipLogix Digital Ink and Docusign
      4. create an additional signing packet utilizing the various e-signature solutions
    4. Putting it all Together
      1. setup agent profile
      2. import agent contacts
      3. create transactions
      4. setup e-signature
      5. create template
      6. connect with MLS
      7. setup mobile services
      This training is hands-on, so agents will leave with software setup and ready to go. The first four hours are dedicated to Modules I-III and the last two hours will focus on Module IV. PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOP, COMPUTERS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED.